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EISKO announces a new rig for their animatable digital doubles!

October 31, 2017

Hi there,

We are thrilled to announce a brand-new version of our rig! Download a free animatable digital double on our website as a preview sample.

We have always invested  a great deal of efforts in our R&D to improve our technology. By working on our rig, we're ensuring that we can produce the best animatable models we can while speeding and simplifying our production process. Our pipeline will now be faster and smoother than ever! 

Eisko is always evolving as we are already going through a list of planned upgrades. To show our progress so far, we are releasing a rigged digital double that represents a simplified version of our work. If you want to check it out for yourself, go ahead and download it now for free on our website!  
We're excited to see what you can do with our head model so don't hesitate to send your creations our way.

Maya viewport preview

Want to know more about our services? Contact us on our website, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and we'll be happy to answer any inquiries or questions.


EISKO's new head datapack is out!

September 19, 2017

Hi there,

we are thrilled to announce the release of our 2017 head datapackage under a Creative Commons license. Once again, we have used the best of our capture technology and expertise to provide a high-end digital human dataset, for both VFX/offline and real-time environnements.

Rendered in real-time

It features a full female head model, in both low and high poly count, as well as some pretty neat physically-based 4K textures for face & head props, straight from our capture system. And it's all free. All you have to do is go on our website or download a version here, download a version of the datapack and start building up your render scene, be it in Arnold, V-Ray, Unreal, Unity, etc. 

If you specialize in video games, mobile, AR/VR/MR, just make sure you get the real-time render version. However, if you intend to do some pre-computed VFX work, simply get the offline render sample. For more information, check out the readme files included in each package. If you have doubts, you can obviously download both ;-) and don't forget to check your spam box just in case.

Before you go and start creating some awesome stuff, we'd just like to share a quick render to showcase the data in action. 

Rendered with Arnold

On the left, a ref photo under flash+daylight conditions, and on the right, a render with no comp but a slim hair mask and background. This was done in Arnold and Maya with a home made skin shader, and using the VFX data. More content will follow on our Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter so stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing what you guys create!

The Eisko Team

EISKO brings back late Dutch icon Andre Hazes live on stage at the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

March 21, 2017

Hi Folk,

at the occasion of the 5 years jubilee of late Dutch icon AndrĂ© Hazes, Livelane & Medialane were determined to break some new ground with the production of one of this year’s most expected live-show to be held in Amsterdam’s famous concerthall: the Ziggo Dome.

EISKO is proud to be part of this amazing production by bringing back AndrĂ© Hazes live on stage with the creation of Netherland’s first holographic digital double to screen in a series of concerts.

Watch the video to catch a glimpse of the premiere here:

Press release available upon request at


3D Conversational Digital Doubles

March 13, 2017

Hi there,
After a tunnel devoted to innovative developments and exciting productions, we thought it would be a good time to check in on our global offer and share some more amazing news!

We deliver photo-real and lifelike 3D human representations.
our PBR skin shader fully ensures consistent simulations, whatever the lighting environment,
our animation rig allows a fine control over the entire spectrum of facial deformations,
our 3D models can be integrated across all current platforms (PC, consoles, tablets, mobiles, web...) and medias (3D stereo, hologram, VR, AR...),

But now ... our real-time digital doubles are speaking!

Thanks to intensive R&D, our audio-visual reproductions are coupling vocal synthesis from live written texts, pre-recorded sentences, AI bots or web-based queries (TTS) to 3D facial animation based on phonemes/visemes decomposition (TTV), all perfectly synchronized in multiple languages and voices.

Thus, our real-time 3D models can now be delivered as outstanding conversational agents (personal assistant, virtual presenter, visual hotline/support...) ready to be integrated in all your mobile and online applications, answering the needs for a natural, effective and compelling user interface to your services.

Coupling vocal synthesis with visual animations perfectly in sync is allowing us to push the boundaries of photo-real autonomous digital doubles, all resting within your pocket!

Stick around as concrete and illustrative use-cases will follow on this topic soon...



Rig on Demand is out!

October 13, 2016

Hi Folks,

we are incredibly proud to announce the release of Rig on Demand, Eisko's online rigging technology, second automatic service from our dedicated platform:

And this one is all you expected and more! From just uploading any static head model (sculpted or scanned-based), you'll simply get back a fully functional facial set-up featuring more than 120 expressions, skinning rig and different levels of  controllers.

These expressions are all issued from HD scans (
also available separately with Blendshapes on Demand). They cover the whole set of muscular deformations, as well as a large range of visemes/phonemes and emotions, and are all perfectly adapted to your model's morphology and topology whatever your character's design (photoreal, stylised, cartoon...).

The rig is both detailed
 and intuitive, allowing the fine control of the expressions through blendshapes, side panels sliders combination and on-mesh curves & handles. All separate elements such as eyeballs, eyebrows and eyelashes, inner mouth (jaw, teeth, gums, tongue) are linked to the facial deformations, but can also be driven precisely by adjustable controllers.

Flexible, robust and easy to use, the rig is compatible with Maya 2016 and will then smoothly integrate any precomputed or real-time animation pipeline, regardless of your animation approach (Keyframing, Motion capture or Video tracking).

Put it this way, if you need a fast, high-quality and affordable facial rig for Maya, fitting all morphologies, topologies, and modeling styles, and you want it compliant with any animation technique, Rig on Demand is just what you are looking for.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more details or visit our faqs.


Get ready for Rig On Demand

September 14, 2016

Hi Folks,

after the success of Blendshapes on Demand, we are really excited to introduce Rig on Demand, the next technology feature of our online platform Eisko Services.

You might have guessed: this fast and automated service will grant any rigid head model with a fully functional facial rig in just a few clicks. As it is based on blendshapes generation, the rig takes advantage of a complete set of facial expressions covering the whole range of muscular deformations, visemes and emotional expressions, all perfectly adapted to your model's morphology and topology.

But bones/skinning fans needn't worry, it will also offer a more traditional and detailed way of controlling the shapes and expressions, as well as a fine control over the head's complemented elements (eyes, eyelashes, inner-mouth, tongue and jaw features), and all perfectly adapted to your animation's approach i/o (MoCap, Video tracking, Keyframe...).

Therefore, Eisko Services' Rig on Demand fits right in for any indie projects or larger animation  frameworks and will make you gain tremendous amounts of time, energy and money!

Stay tuned and don't miss the launch date!


Discover Eisko's Paris studio!

August 19, 2016

Hi Folks,

for those wondering what our Paris capture studio looks like.. Two fully transportable systems, one dedicated to facial capture and another adjustable in size from full body to specific body parts, both performing nicely the simultaneous acquisition of HD geometry and PBR materials!

Just get in touch if you are interested in 3D Scanning and reconstruction, including for mobile and VR. We'd be glad to welcome you here in Paris or to set-up our systems on your premises!