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Introducing EiskoServices - Blendshapes on Demand®

June 6, 2016

Hi Folks,

we are quite proud to introduce EiskoWebServices, our SaaS platform enabling you or your studio to benefit from our technology features to gain time, flexibility and productivity on your projects.

Blendshapes on Demand®, our first online service enables you to get your models ready for animation in the blink of an eye!

No matter if your head is stylised or photorealistic, all you have to do is upload it on the server and you automatically get it back with a complete set of blendshapes, directly transfered onto your mesh and perfectly adapted to the morphology of your character.

This set of blendshapes counts more than 120 facial expressions, covering all facial action units linked to muscular deformations, visemes and emotions.

The beta version is now out with a launch special offer of 99$
try it now !