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Rig on Demand is out!

October 13, 2016

Hi Folks,

we are incredibly proud to announce the release of Rig on Demand, Eisko's online rigging technology, second automatic service from our dedicated platform:

And this one is all you expected and more! From just uploading any static head model (sculpted or scanned-based), you'll simply get back a fully functional facial set-up featuring more than 120 expressions, skinning rig and different levels of  controllers.

These expressions are all issued from HD scans (
also available separately with Blendshapes on Demand). They cover the whole set of muscular deformations, as well as a large range of visemes/phonemes and emotions, and are all perfectly adapted to your model's morphology and topology whatever your character's design (photoreal, stylised, cartoon...).

The rig is both detailed
 and intuitive, allowing the fine control of the expressions through blendshapes, side panels sliders combination and on-mesh curves & handles. All separate elements such as eyeballs, eyebrows and eyelashes, inner mouth (jaw, teeth, gums, tongue) are linked to the facial deformations, but can also be driven precisely by adjustable controllers.

Flexible, robust and easy to use, the rig is compatible with Maya 2016 and will then smoothly integrate any precomputed or real-time animation pipeline, regardless of your animation approach (Keyframing, Motion capture or Video tracking).

Put it this way, if you need a fast, high-quality and affordable facial rig for Maya, fitting all morphologies, topologies, and modeling styles, and you want it compliant with any animation technique, Rig on Demand is just what you are looking for.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more details or visit our faqs.