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Game connection

October 30, 2014

Hi folks!

Cedric gave a talk at Game Connection in Paris on 29 October.

It was a great opportunity to unveil our new animation service. The presentation, which explains pretty deeply our process for capturing, reconstructing, rigging and animating a digital double, then integrating it in Unity 5.0, went down well with the audience.

We know that live presentation is a difficult exercice,  especially when explaining such a unique and technical process. It's a good thing we could make this first presentation as we know we will be better and better with time. We will be sure presenting this again, next date to be the famous GDC in San Francisco!

We will also be posting about our capture, analysis and reconstruction process on this blog. Stay tuned!


Unite keynote

October 5, 2014

unite 2014 logo

Hi folks! Unity showcased Eisko's digital double at the Unite keynote in Seattle. We collaborated with Unity to prove the succesful integration of our "digital doubles" in Unity 5.0 (thus, in any game engine or production pipeline), using the brand new physically based rendering of Unity 5.0.

Stay tuned for more in-depth posts here, and be sure to check out


Siggraph 2014

October 3, 2014

Hi folks! Siggraph is always an exciting moment for all people passionated about CGI and any kind of digital imagery !

Pierre flied to Vancouver, and happily presented Eisko's digital double service.

Much more content to come, stay tuned !


We are live !

October 2, 2014

We are happy to announce a great news: we are live! Eisko just started as a new company brand.
Led by Cedric, we proudly propose "a breakthrough in photoreal digital characters" :)
We believe that our technology will change the character creation process in many entertainment applications. Scanning techniques already move a few lines, but there is so much more to come...

A lot a fun posts are waiting to be put here, explaining who we are and what we do (also why and how) so stay tuned !
Meanwhile, be sure to check out !