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Download our free datapack under creative commons licence for evaluation and non commercial usage

February 16, 2015

Hi folks,

Throughout our blogs, we’ve taken you on a journey through our capture process, discussed some of the challenges in creating 3D models, and shown you how we produced a perfect digital double of the actress Tatiana Seguin.

We are now happy to share the results of our ground-breaking digital double process with you, so that you can experience the quality and versatility of our models, via a free-to-use download of the Tatiana Seguin head model, under a creative commons licence for non commercial usage.

The model is available in our download data-pack and features image references, scans, reconstructed mesh, material textures in 3 poses as well as a sample real-time scene and video which highlights the consistency of transition between the facial expressions.  Full details of the content can be found in the data-pack’s Read Me notes.

Please feel free to enjoy the download model. We would love to hear any comments you have regarding this datapack and to see what you do with it!