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Introducing prestige 3D photography with Harcourt

January 19, 2016

Happy new year Folks,

we could not wait to reveal the first digitally reconstructed model in the very style of the legendary Harcourt photos. Working closely with celebrities' favorite studios has been a real treat for our team on every step of the production.

This collaboration brings together what is best in terms of live-action photography, meticulous lighting and framing at its core, hand in hand with the high-end technological expertise of Eisko in order to push new boundaries in the fields of prestige digital photography, 3D printing and many other innovative interactive representations.

Have a look at what it took both Harcourt and Eisko to bring about this undertaking, from studio shoot to 3D capture, reconstruction, virtual lighting, mobile stylized visualization and 3D printing:

What a better way to kick off the new year!

Stay tuned as we’ll soon reveal more about the brand new products of this amazing collaboration!