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3D Conversational Digital Doubles

March 13, 2017

Hi there,
After a tunnel devoted to innovative developments and exciting productions, we thought it would be a good time to check in on our global offer and share some more amazing news!

We deliver photo-real and lifelike 3D human representations.
our PBR skin shader fully ensures consistent simulations, whatever the lighting environment,
our animation rig allows a fine control over the entire spectrum of facial deformations,
our 3D models can be integrated across all current platforms (PC, consoles, tablets, mobiles, web...) and medias (3D stereo, hologram, VR, AR...),

But now ... our real-time digital doubles are speaking!

Thanks to intensive R&D, our audio-visual reproductions are coupling vocal synthesis from live written texts, pre-recorded sentences, AI bots or web-based queries (TTS) to 3D facial animation based on phonemes/visemes decomposition (TTV), all perfectly synchronized in multiple languages and voices.

Thus, our real-time 3D models can now be delivered as outstanding conversational agents (personal assistant, virtual presenter, visual hotline/support...) ready to be integrated in all your mobile and online applications, answering the needs for a natural, effective and compelling user interface to your services.

Coupling vocal synthesis with visual animations perfectly in sync is allowing us to push the boundaries of photo-real autonomous digital doubles, all resting within your pocket!

Stick around as concrete and illustrative use-cases will follow on this topic soon...